Pylon in field

Existing Weston-super-Mare line connected to Sandford substation

Modification works started in June 2021

National Grid and its contractors have constructed nine new lattice pylons and are working to install 700m of underground cable which together will connect the existing 132kv power line from Weston-super-Mare to the new Sandford substation.

When the substation is fully energised in 2023, the new pylons and cables connected to the substation will take over the supply of electricity to Western-super-Mare.

The modifications will ensure local electricity supplies are maintained

These modifications allow National Grid to remove existing pylons around the substation, and the long line of 249 pylons between Bridgwater and Avonmouth by 2023.

This work to modify the existing 132,000 volt network started in June 2021 with National Grid’s contractors, Norpower building a temporary entrance and construction road to reach the new lattice pylon sites. In June 2022, the traditional lattice pylon structures were completed with the wires put in place ready to transmit electricity to Western-super-Mare.

Norpower will now start returning the land beneath the new pylons to its original condition and remove the temporary entrance and access road from Puxton Lane.

At the same time, J Murphy and Sons are installing two sections of 132, 000 volt underground cables to connect the newly built pylons to Sandford substation.  The cable drums were delivered to the site in early June.

Temporary scaffolding at Sandford substation is being erected to create the sterile environment needed to connect the new underground cables to the new pylons.

James Goode, Project Director for the Hinkley Connection Project commented:

“We are delighted with the progress to modify the connection to Weston-super-Mare. This work is one of the final construction pieces as we prepare to connect Sandford substation – the heart of the Hinkley Connection – to the existing electricity grid.

“The modifications will ensure local electricity supplies are maintained. It also means we can remove hundreds of pylons between Bridgwater and Avonmouth to make way for and reduce the overall visual impact of the new high voltage line, which features the new T-pylons.”