Environmental work in the Mendips

Hinkley Connection Project protecting the natural environment

Since we started developing this project over 10 years ago, we’ve undertaken hundreds of surveys to understand the natural environment along the cable route. These surveys have helped us to understand how our construction work could affect local wildlife and have and allowed us to make plans to manage any impacts.

Now, in the lead up to the start of construction of the underground cables between Sandford and Tarnock, we’re carrying out preparation work to reduce disruption to wildlife and animals.

We’re erecting special fencing to clear the route of reptiles and amphibians. Newts and other species will be carefully moved from construction areas to nearby locations before works start.

We’re also strimming vegetation, topping trees and coppicing hedgerows and bushes during the winter months to prevent water voles, birds and dormice nesting in the areas where we’ll be working.

This environmental mitigation work is being carried out by our main contractor, Balfour Beatty, and involves small teams of staff working with strimmers, mulchers and specialist equipment. They will travel to the area in marked vehicles and access has been agreed with local landowners.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and will make every effort to minimise impacts of our project. These activities have been carefully planned and in liaison with local authorities, Natural England, the Environment Agency and landowners.