Cricket club refurbishments attract new players

East Huntspill Cricket Club is set up for success with £20,000 grant

National Grid has awarded £20,000 to East Huntspill Cricket Club to help them refurbish their ageing clubhouse and improve the grounds.

Built in 1993, the club’s windows were single glazed and made from wood, which were beginning to show signs of their age. The club’s committee knew they needed replacing to combat high heating costs, and to improve the visual appeal of the grounds, but lacked the necessary funds to do so.

National Grid’s donation through the Community Grand Fund allowed the club to install double glazed UPVC windows, helping to keep the cold air out, making the club a warmer destination for local residents and club members. It also helped them upgrade the doors at the club, which had posed a security risk.

In addition, the funding allowed the club to construct a patio area, shed and brick BBQ. This new outside area has provided the club with a means of safely raising money through events and bar sales during the pandemic. This outside area has proven vital for the club, as it relies heavily on fundraising events and several were unable to go ahead due to Covid-19 restrictions. The construction of this area has set the club up for success.

As well as cosmetic and outdoor upgrades, the club used the funding to install low ball stop netting – to save them money. The club has lost many balls to neighbouring streams and fields over the years, which costs £13 per ball. No small issue for a club whose finances have been strained by the pandemic.

Kathryn Cooke, Chairman of East Huntspill Cricket Club, said: “We are delighted with the change it has made to our Cricket Club and the potential it will bring in the future.  We have definitely seen more interest in the club since the improvements and have attracted new players for the forthcoming season. The bar we have created in the renovated clubhouse has been named by David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd, a high-profile cricket pundit!”