Community hub reinvigorated

Community Grant Fund empowers Sandford community groups

National Grid has awarded £6,280 to Sandford Village Hall, to help them redecorate and restore the tired community hub. The funds have also helped to bring the village hall’s heating system into the 21st century.

Built in 1909, the village hall has seen extensive use and has been extended over the years to accommodate a growing number of community groups. Heavy traffic over the past few decades has taken its toll.

The Community Grand Fund provided local residents with the means of funding much-needed repairs to the exterior of the building.

In addition, the funding allowed them to replace the 25-year-old combi boiler. This upgrade has already proven its worth, by keeping community groups warm throughout the cold winter months. It's also made the hall more cost-effective to run, helping to ensure that community funds are spent on groups and activities rather than expensive heating bills. It has helped reduce its carbon emissions too.

We were delighted to be recipients of this very generous grant.

James Goode, Project Director for National Grid’s Hinkley Connection Project, said: “The Community Grant Fund has played a tremendous role in reinvigorating the local community in Sandford and helped them to turn their ageing village hall into a destination they can be proud of. Village halls like this play such an important role in local communities."

Mary Cassettari, Trustee for Sandford Village Hall, added: “While the hall has not had the customary amount of use of  late due to Coronavirus restrictions, the groups who were able to use it remarked on the improved heating since it was installed. We were delighted to be recipients of this very generous grant. The process of applying was very efficient and the funds were paid to us promptly. Thank you.”