Building new pylons

Connecting Sandford to Avonmouth

In May 2021, we started construction work needed to build the new overhead connection, featuring T-pylons, from Sandford to Avonmouth.

One of the first tasks for our principal contractor Balfour Beatty is to build new temporary road accesses into our construction areas. In the areas where these are complete, we’re building the connecting construction haul road and preparing the work areas where we will be erecting each of the new T-pylons.

To keep everyone safe while we work on the highways, we need to put up temporary traffic lights and close some roads for a short time. We’ll put up advance notice signs to let local road users know of any roadworks and traffic management in the area.

Piling foundations

We’ll start piling for building the foundations of the new T-pylons in September 2021. This activity will continue into 2022 and involves putting concrete and steel piles into the ground.

We expect the piling at each site to take approximately one week and we publish a monthly schedule to show where we are carrying out this work.