A transformer on a 8.8 metre long transporting vehicle

Giant transformer arriving in Bridgwater

The transformer weighs the same as 30 elephants and is 8.8 metres long

A 174-tonne transformer has set sail from Rotterdam en route to Dunball Wharf and will make its final journey by road under police supervision to Bridgwater substation.

The transformer reaches its home in Bridgwater substation on 23 July and its connection onto the electricity network is an important part of ongoing modifications to the local electricity network as part of the Hinkley Connection Project.  

The modifications support the upgrading of the existing Hinkley to Bridgwater overhead electricity line.

The transformer is 8.8 metres in length and weighs the same as 30 African elephants. Its four and half mile journey from Dunball Wharf to Bridgwater substation is expected to take a couple of hours.  

We aim to complete the delivery as quickly and safely as we can.

Leaving Dunball Wharf at approximately 1pm, the transformer will travel along Bristol Road towards Bridgwater. It will then turn left onto Saint John’s Street and onto Westonzoyland Road, before arriving at the substation at 3pm. Due to the weight of the transformer, the delivery vehicle will be travelling at a reduced speed for safety reasons. The lorry and trailer configuration of the delivery vehicle will be 58 metres long.

No road closures are required to facilitate the movement of the transformer. Traffic management will be provided under police guidance and supervision.

Project Director of the Hinkley Connection Project, Steve Haskayne, said “Final preparations are now underway to take delivery of our transformer for Bridgwater substation, which is a key component of the Hinkley Connection Project.

We aim to complete the complex delivery as quickly and safely as we can. We want to thank the local community in advance for their patience and understanding while we transport the transformers onto its final location in Bridgwater.”