Noise Management

Noise management

With years of experience in identifying and minimising the impact of high voltage (HV) asset noise, our Noise Management service provides noise impact assessments, monitoring, support in obtaining planning consent, acoustic modelling and reports, noise complaint management and more.

We provide:

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Noise impact assessment

We can help you minimise the risk of noise complaints, potential legal action and damage to your company’s brand. Our experts will support you by undertaking assessments in line with BS 4142:2014.

Planning consent

We can support you throughout the process of obtaining planning consent for developments that generate noise.

Permitted development

We can prepare statements for works undertaken under Permitted Development and liaise with relevant stakeholders.


We can help you demonstrate compliance with planning conditions by undertaking noise monitoring, acoustic modelling and production of acoustic reports.

Noise complaint management

We can assist with the management of noise complaints by liaising with affected parties, carrying out noise monitoring, assessing the noise impact and providing advice on potential engineering solutions.

Expert witness

We can act as an expert witness on behalf of your company.

Design specifications

We can advise on operational noise specifications for new equipment, including siting and layout and support the assessment of tenders and design delivery to ensure compliance with technical specifications.

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