EMF Management

EMF Management

Our EMF (Electromagnetic field) Management service provides efficient solutions specific to your needs. From EMF exposure assessments, to EMF management and consultancy, you can count on us to help you keep your staff safe and achieve compliance.

We provide:

  • highly experienced industry experts

  • specialists in understanding, resolving and communicating EMF issues

  • innovative solutions

  • independent policies and guidance

  • We are seated on several industry standards committees including CENELEC, ENTSO-E, and CIGRE.

Our solutions

We offer a range of solutions to suit your needs.


  • We can measure and calculate EMFs from electrical assets to ensure compliance with government exposure limits.

  • Expert witness and cross-examination on EMFs


  • If you are developing a site for residential use, you will need to consider the public exposure limits, what information you need to provide in your planning application, and what the impact might be on salability. We can help with all aspects of EMF management for your site.

  • If you are consulting with the public, we can help manage your stakeholder communications to ensure complex and sensitive EMF issues are effectively handled.


  • Our team of experts will provide step by step advice on how to comply with the UK EMF legislation with particular consideration for staff with pacemakers or who are pregnant. Find out more about UK EMF legislation at the HSE website

  • We can advise on EMF specifications for new equipment to ensure compliance with EMF requirements and prevent associated issues such as micro-shocks.

  • If you are an employer, you will need to ensure that you are compliant with the new 2016 Regulations. We can provide the necessary guidance and templates to achieve compliance and keep every member of staff safe.

  • We can support you through the process of obtaining consent, including the required assessment and information in your Environmental Statement, and answer questions during the consideration of your application.

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