London power tunnels

Consultancy and construction services for your business

Did you know that beyond our connection obligations, we can provide your business additional services and consultancy? 

ECS Capital Delivery is responsible for constructing the majority of National Grid's Electricity Transmission Assets. 

We bring together all of the major digging, tunnelling, excavating, overhead line and cabling work for our large electricity transmission projects. It’s incredibly diverse and challenging construction work – from the creation of new 400kV circuits at the heart of London’s electricity network to the installation of state-of-the-art security to protect our operationally critical sites.


Take a look at the types of support we can offer your business:

  • Development of your assets connecting to our network

  • Both generation and demand connections' support

  • Provision of innovative services across the whole life-cycle of your assets

  • Electricity and gas network connection services

  • Development of HV bay and tertiary connections, plus gas pipelines and above ground installations including project delivery oversight and advisory services (ecology; archaeology; ground investigation); Feasibility studies; Planning, land services, consenting and concepts; Project management & CDM advisory; Front end engineering design; Turnkey design, build and commission; Construction management; Refurbishments


Why choose us?

  • Protected programme via assured acceptance of design
  • Single Principal Contractor with reduced on-site congestion
  • National Grid land / property services help de-risk your project  
  • Single contract with defined points of contact guiding you through the whole connection process step by step
  • Fixed prices for fixed scopes
  • Compliance with all National Grid standards and specifications
  • Efficient commissioning service
  • Warranted work