Overhead Line Condition Monitoring

Overhead Line Condition Monitoring

Our overhead lines team provide accurate aerial thermal imaging and condition assessments via helicopter, swiftly and safely. We combine our technical engineering knowledge and the latest equipment to provide the in-depth insight and evidence that your business needs.

We provide:

  • fast and efficient surveys

  • in-depth analysis, review, and recommendations

  • expert consultancy 

  • detailed video evidence

  • 50-megapixel images

Our solutions

We offer a range of solutions to suit your needs:

Thermal surveys

  • We can determine if there is a thermal contrast in similar components – this can often be the precursor to equipment failure.

  • We identify high resistance joints before joint failure.

  • We uncover conductor problems, hot tower footings and earth wire continuity issues.

  • We highlight transformer, switchgear and bus bar problems where components show dissimilar hotspots (or cold spots where equipment has failed)

High definition condition assessments

  • We provide detailed condition assessment of towers, fittings and ancillary equipment including all spacers, conductors, insulators, joints, repairs, bonds, shoes, hangers, bolts, washers, split pins, and earth wire fittings.

  • We can produce high definition photography of steelwork that emphasise areas in need of painting and/or steelwork repair.

  • High definition condition assessment of overhead gantries and substation equipment.

  • Different surveys to monitor overhead lines and substations, including High Definition Condition Assessments and Thermal Survey techniques.

  • The results of both types of surveys are available to you through high definition imagery and summary reports.

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