We’re improving the landscape in the Cotswolds by going underground.

The Cotswolds VIP project aims to replace a section of overhead electricity transmission line around 7km long in the Cotswolds National Landscape with underground cables.

A total of 16 pylons will be permanently removed from the landscape along the line which runs from Postlip Mill in the north to the edge of the Cotswold Plateau to the north of Dowdeswell reservoir.

Our planned route for the new cables runs over the Cotswold Plateau north to Postlip Mill. This will closely follow the Cotswold Way National Trail. 

Removing the pylons will significantly enhance views for residents and visitors to the Cotswolds National Landscape, including users of the Cotswold Way National Trail. The VIP project will also benefit visitors to Belas Knap long barrow and Cleeve Common.

Our plans for the cable route corridor can be found here.