What is Visual Impact Provision
What is Visual Impact Provision?
A project to enhance our landscape

Our Visual Impact Provision project makes use of a provision by Ofgem across Great Britain to carry out work which will help to reduce the impact of existing electricity transmission lines in English and Welsh AONBs and National Parks.

The most important task for us is to use this allowance to achieve the maximum enhancement to the landscape in England and Wales, whilst avoiding unacceptable environmental impacts. To ensure that we get this right and bring the most benefit from the Visual Impact Provision project, National Grid is working closely and collaboratively with stakeholders.

A group, known as the Stakeholder Advisory Group, has been set up by National Grid. It comprises organisations dedicated to conserving the landscape and countryside throughout England and Wales. The group is helping National Grid to make decisions, and these will be made according to the guiding principles set out in the Visual Impact Provision policy document. By adopting this approach we aim to ensure fairness and balance in our decision making to help select the projects which we undertake.

If you would like more details about the project, please email our team at [email protected].