Regional updates

The UK Government’s strategy to reach net zero emissions by 2050 includes renewed, ambitious targets for low carbon power. Significant upgrades to our infrastructure are also needed to deliver this green energy across the country.

Transforming these plans into reality plays a core part in our vision to be at the heart of a clean, fair, and affordable energy future. Increased renewable generation will play an important role in delivering net zero and in turn unlocking the benefits it can bring to consumers and society.

There has been considerable growth in demand for applications to connect to the transmission network in recent years. As we continue to work together to decarbonise the electricity system, this number is expected to rise further.

We are committed to connecting customers as quickly as possible and are working with stakeholders across the industry to try and speed up the process. We also recognise the need for wider reform beyond the connections process to enable faster connections for customers, and our work on these areas is also covered in the videos.

To help you understand the current landscape and level of connections activity that we are seeing across England and Wales, we have published a series of regional films. They aim to provide clarity on the opportunities and challenges customers face in their region and the current connections timescales, to help set expectations ahead of the formal offer process (the content in these films are up to date as of July 2023).

You can view the films below.

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