Connecting large capacity charging hubs to National Grid

We’ve been working with Government and other parties to get to grips with the technical challenges of connecting super fast charge points at strategic points across the country.

We know we are only part of the wider solution; the future charging ecosystem will be made up of home chargers, local sites such as a petrol stations, destination charging (like the workplace), at depots or fleet hubs, and finally on motorways.

The motorway element is crucial. One of the barriers to greater EV uptake is so-called ‘range anxiety’. In other words, drivers are worried that they will run out of juice on a long trip. Having easy access to chargers on motorways will help to solve this issue.

We’re part of Project Rapid, which is looking to tackle these challenges by creating a network of ultra-fast charging stations at motorway service areas and major A-roads.

The lack of quick and easy charging points is seen as one of the barriers to greater EV use. The plans will make life easier for EV owners. These hi-tech charging points would allow drivers to charge their vehicles in five to 12 minutes. We also estimate that 95% of drivers in England and Wales would be within 50 miles of a charging station.

The goal is fast and simple charging that’s available where it’s needed. We’re committed to playing a key role as society gears up for an EV revolution.

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