chapter 11

Delivering our stakeholder priorities

Here, you can find out how we'll finance and deliver our plan to meet stakeholders’ priorities.

Delivering our stakeholder priorities

You expect us to meet your priorities, while delivering value for money.



We can finance our draft plan

We've developed our business plan to deliver your priorities and provide you with value for money.

Part of this is making sure that the financial framework balances the needs of investors with the needs of consumers today and in the future. A financial framework that reflects the risks and long-term nature of our investments is vital to make sure we can efficiently fund future infrastructure.

In this draft plan, we propose a base return for shareholders (called the “cost of equity”) that rewards shareholders for the risk they take when investing in our business.

Our plan assumes a base return of 5.5%. The base return we propose enables and encourages us to innovate to meet the huge challenges required to deliver the clean energy system of the future.

We can deliver our draft plan

We have long-term plans to make sure we have a resilient, diverse and technically-skilled workforce that can deliver this draft plan.

We have a robust supply chain with access to a wide market to buy the goods and services we need to deliver this draft plan at lowest cost to consumers.

And we have a flexible delivery model that can adapt to the uncertainties we face in the 2020s as we move to the energy system of the future.

We're working together with other companies to make sure we will have sufficient access to the transmission network to carry out the work needed to deliver our draft plan.

As part of our whole system thinking, we're proposing ways to work with others to make sure we deliver lowest-cost, whole system, solutions.

Your feedback matters

Your feedback on our draft business plan is important to us. We want to make sure we take account of a broad range of views as we develop our plan.

Email us your feedback

You can download the financing and delivering our plan chapters, or the full document here.

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