We are carrying out essential work to refurbish the existing 400,000 volt overhead line that runs between Bramford substation in Suffolk and Norwich substation in Norfolk. This will make sure our electricity network is fit for the future, enabling us to carry more power down the lines to homes and businesses where it is needed.

The work is part of our wider investment programme to upgrade our existing electricity transmission network in East Anglia. This refurbishment will help to deliver cleaner, greener electricity efficiently, reliably, and safely and will support the UK Government’s move to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Project description

The refurbishment programme involves replacing all the fittings and wires on the existing pylons along the length of the route and making some changes to the existing network at Yaxley to replace a pylon and connect the overhead line into the new substation at Yaxley. 

The refurbishment is being done in two phases. Our engineers carry out the work on one side of the pylon so that the wires on the other side can be kept ‘live’ for transporting electricity to where it is needed. Once all the work on one side has been completed, the lines are switched back on and the lines on the other side are switched off so the work can be carried out. 

With the first phase complete, our principal contractor, Balfour Beatty, is expected to complete replacing the fittings and wires on all the pylons along the 62 kilometre route by spring, with reinstatement completed by summer 2024.

How will these works affect local communities?

Our working hours are between 7:30am to 6pm Monday to Sunday.

The overhead line is mainly routed across fields and countryside. Where some pylons are closer to individual properties, you may see some activity on or near the overhead lines and pylons. 

When working near some roads and public footpaths, we need to close them for short periods. This is to keep the public and our staff safe. Our contractors put up advance notice signs to let local communities know of any restrictions on roads and rights of way. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused during the short-term closures. 

We are working closely with Balfour Beatty to reduce local disruption and to remove temporary closures as quickly as possible. We have a dedicated community relations team on hand to answer any questions.

The refurbishment work will not disrupt local electricity supplies.  

National Grid Community Grant Programme

Our Community Grant Programme is aimed at organisations and charities in areas where National Grid’s work impacts on local people through our operations and site activities.

We fund projects run by charities and community groups that meet local community needs by providing a range of social, economic and environmental benefits. If your project meets our criteria, you can apply for a grant of up to £10,000.