Hands on desk for Electricity Transmission RIIO-2 business plan

Stakeholder engagement

Over the past two years, we've gathered input from more of our stakeholders, from more segments, on more topics and through more channels than ever before. We’ve done this by following a best-practice enhanced engagement process and using independent challenge and review to help us continually improve.

Giving stakeholders and consumers a stronger voice

We have carried out our most extensive engagement exercise ever to make sure our business plan for the T2 period reflects what our stakeholders need and expect from us.

We have heard from over 1,000 individuals representing all of our main stakeholder segments. We've also incorporated the views of over 11,000 household consumers and over 750 business consumers from a combination of face-to-face meetings, focus groups, online consultations and bespoke research studies.

We’ve included feedback from over 300 stakeholders from our satisfaction surveys and complaints process, and we have used consumer trend data and other third-party publications as additional sources of insight. We've used this input to build our plans with those they affect and, by broadening the scope and reach of our engagement, we can be more sure than ever before

Business Plan Chapter
Business Plan Annexes

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
Sets out our forward looking stakeholder engagement strategy

Independent Stakeholder Group set-up report
​​​​Provides detail of how the group was established and its governance arrangements

Truth reports Annex
Independent assessment of the scope and quality of our initial engagement activities (November 2018)

Willingness to pay report Annex
Independent report on results of joint TO willingness to pay study

Interactive online tool research report Annex
Independent report from on-line consumer research on priorities and trade-offs

Acceptability testing reports Annex
Independent report on results of testing the acceptability of our plan with consumers

Frontier Golden Thread Assessment
Independent assessment of the linkage between stakeholder engagement and business plan proposals

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