National Grid RIIO-2 ready and able

Ready and able

We have a strong track record in delivering the outputs our customers want. And we are confident that we have the right plans in place to deliver this plan based on our experience and what we have learnt from the T1 period.

Ready and able to deliver

Our people are key to delivering our plan. We have a highly skilled, engaged workforce which is encouraged to find better ways to deliver through innovative ways of working. We have long term plans to make sure we have a resilient, diverse, technically skilled and highly engaged workforce that is fit for the future.

We test our plans though regular deliverability checks as a standard part of our business planning processes and have mitigations in place to manage delivery risks. The checks we have made have acknowledged that whilst our business plan is an increase from the T1 period in some areas, it is deliverable.

Our flexible capital delivery model assures us that we can respond to the changing needs of customers that come with the changing energy landscape – it is resilient and adaptable to change.

We have a robust supply chain with access to a wide set of markets to buy the goods and services we need and are utilising existing approaches and strategies to deliver efficiently and on time to ensure we are delivering at lowest cost to consumers.

Increasingly, we will need to take a whole system approach to the way we approach system access needs. This requires greater collaboration across the industry to identify the most beneficial overall outcome for consumers.

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Deliverability- Our approach to ensuring our plan is efficient and deliverable

Workforce Planning 
Workforce planning - Our people plan

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