2,500 trees planted along Hinkley Connection route

Hinkley Connection Team reach another planting milestone

National Grid, working with carbon-neutral landscaping partners, Ground Control Ltd have now planted over 2,500 trees planted since the start of the Hinkley Connection Project.

Every year, between November and March, the Hinkley Connection Project team plant hundreds of trees, woodland and hedgerow to reduce the visual impact of construction and permanent structures like pylons as part of its Offsite Planting and Enhancement Scheme (OSPES).

As well as 2,511 trees the team has planted over 75,000 square metres of woodland and over 20,000 metres of hedgerow.

In addition to enhancing the environmental landscape, the new vegetation will capture thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide – making a contribution towards reducing emissions in the region. 

The carbon dioxide sequestration potential of all the trees, woodland and hedgerow planted to date is over 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.  That's equivalent to 52,000 return journeys from Land's End to John O'Groats in a petrol car!

National Grid and Ground Control work closely with landowners to design the most appropriate planting schemes for the area, using local plant life to help ensure the landscape’s rich ecosystems are maintained.

Recently Ground Control have worked with Bristol Children’s Help Society, a charity who provide subsidised camps to disadvantaged children so they can experience outdoor adventure, as part of a volunteer day. The team planted woodland and trees to offer more shading and increase biodiversity for the children attending Barton Camp to enjoy.

​At the end of the Hinkley Connection Project there will be an additional 5,306 trees, 93,446 square metres of woodland (the equivalent of more than 13 full size football pitches) and 23,540 square metres (14.5 miles) of hedgerow over and above what was removed to enable construction on the Hinkley Connection Project.

Steven Haskayne, Senior Project Manager on the Hinkley Connection Project, commented: “As well as connecting millions of homes and businesses to low carbon energy National Grid is committed to leaving an environmental legacy as part of the Hinkley Connection Project.

Our work planting thousands of trees, woodland and hedgerow is inspired by this goal and is all part of minimising the impact of our works on local communities.”