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New Essential Infrastructure

Swansea to Pembroke


We’ll shortly be refurbishing the overhead power lines between Swansea and Pembroke, view our interactive map.

Project description

Our job is to maintain the overhead power lines so the electricity network is kept in good working order. This ensures that everyone has the power they need on demand and that safety standards are upheld. 

We’re investing in the maintenance of equipment which, after half a century of service on the line, is due for refurbishment. Our work will include replacing the steel components on some of the pylons and repainting some of the towers along the line. We will also be replacing one tower just north of Hundleton.

Work schedule

There will be three stages to our project:

Stage One: Preparation work – February 2017 to February 2018

  • Survey and exploratory work at the base of pylons;
  • Construction of temporary access gates, stone pathways and erection of scaffolds;
  • Safe removal of bird nests when wildlife is not present and vegetation clearance for access to the pylons.

Stage Two: Refurbishment begins – November 2017 to October 2018

  • Work will begin on sections of the 75km line. Engineers will replace wire and equipment, inspect pylon foundations, replace damaged or worn steel work and paint the structures, where needed.
  • Partial replacement of two towers.

Stage Three: Project end – November 2018 to February 2019

  • Once all the work is complete, any fencing and scaffolding will be removed and we’ll leave any areas affected by our work clean and tidy. Tree re-planting will be carried out as part of the reinstatement of the working areas.


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