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Capacity Auction 2024

Take a look at our presentation to explore the details of the final lot available at Grain LNG.

Capacity Auction Final Lot Offer

Primary capacity

We are the leading LNG importation terminal in the UK. Our world class facility delivers the highest standards of performance and services which are highly resilient, flexible and dependable.

All of the primary capacity at the terminal is fully contracted to our customers BP/Sonatrach, Centrica, Sonatrach, Total, Uniper and Pavilion.

Secondary capacity

How to acquire Secondary Capacity rights

Grain LNG facilitates the following hierarchy of secondary capacity/anti-hoarding mechanisms:

  1. Internal trading of re-gasification capacity, LNG temporary storage capacity and LNG stock. Capacity holders trade directly with each other and notify Grain LNG to ensure the Terminal’s operations management system is updated. Berthing slots can also be traded by agreement between the capacity holders and Grain LNG.
  2. Acceptance of cargoes traded on a secondary basis with primary customers.
  3. Secondary capacity acquired from a primary capacity holder through Secondary Capacity Mechanisms.

Use It Or Lose It (UIOLI) arrangements

This hierarchy of mechanisms further enhances the competitive environment at the Terminal and effectively removes any opportunity for primary capacity holders to benefit from hoarding their capacities.

Market participants interested in any of options 2 or 3 should read the attached Third Party Access User Guide for further information about the mechanisms available, including who to contact.

The Annual Unloading Plan currently comprises approximately 240 berthing slots per year, or two slots every three days on average. Third parties interested in utilising berthing slots at the Terminal should discuss their requirements with Grain LNG or the primary capacity holders in the first instance.

Applying for access to Grain LNG Terminal

Capacity at Grain LNG Terminal can be acquired:

  1. as Secondary Capacity by agreement with existing primary capacity holders; or
  2. as Short Term Capacity via a short-term contract with Grain LNG Ltd.

Any company with a bona fide interest in obtaining secondary capacity at the Grain LNG terminal must first become a registered user and pay a non-refundable fee of £10,000 and complete steps 1 to 4 below:

  1. Download the standard Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Complete all details (full company name, country of registration, registration number and registered office address)
  3. Print and sign two (2) originals of the Confidentiality Agreement Please leave the date blank. Grain LNG will date the agreement when it countersigns the hard copies. 

    Applicants are advised that the Confidentiality Agreement is a standard document and material amendments will not be accepted.
  4. Send the signed originals of the Confidentiality Agreement and a letter of application stating:
    • applicant company name
    • address of the applicant's registered office or equivalent
    • a brief summary of the applicant’s participation in the global LNG/Gas markets
    • the type of Grain LNG terminal capacity (primary or UIOLI) which the applicant is interested in acquiring
    • by registered post to the Grain LNG address Contact us

Grain LNG will return a counter-signed, executed original of the Confidentiality Agreement and will contact the applicant to discuss capacity requirements.


Small Scale

Road Tanker Loading

Our state-of-the-art truck loading facility allows road tanker operators to load liquefied natural gas (LNG) in bulk and transport the fuel directly to LNG filling stations, as well as to industrial and commercial markets throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

The multi-bay facility is operational around the clock, 365 days a year, offering 36 slots for road tankers on any day.

The facility is ideally located close to major UK road networks and boasts quick access to and from continental Europe.

For further information, contact:

Steve Corney, Road Tanker contract lead
Email: [email protected] 


Please check that your assets are compatible with loading at the terminal.

Grain LNG Road Tanker Loading Compatibility Specification

Break Bulk Marine

Grain LNG is currently assessing a number of options in this area.  

For further information, contact:

Paul Ocholla, Small-Scale LNG Lead
Email: [email protected] 


Telephone: +44 (0) 1634 270 000
Email: [email protected]


Grain LNG Trucks

Ship reloading

National Grid Grain LNG is the first facility in the UK to offer reloading and is also looking to offer small scale ship reloading facilities (ssLNG) at its importation terminal on the Isle of Grain.

The move further enhances Grain LNG’s position as a major European LNG Hub, building on the significant uptake of the Road Tanker Loading Facility which was commissioned November 2015. These two developments will enable the distribution of LNG as a fuel for the marine industry, trucks, industrial and commercial, as well as off-grid applications.

Grain LNG is the largest importation terminal in Europe and eighth largest in the world in terms of tank capacity, something which provides its existing customer base of six major multinational organisations with a huge amount of flexibility to manage importation as well as break bulk activities.

With the introduction of more stringent European emission regulations for the marine sector, covering the North Sea, Baltic Sea and English Channel Emission Control Area from 2015, use of LNG as a marine fuel is predicted to grow substantially. The environmental benefits of using LNG as a fuel include emission reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) of up to 25%, nitrogen oxide (NOx) by up to 85% and sulphur and particulates to almost zero, as well as lowering noise pollution.

For further information, contact:

Paul Ocholla, Small-scale LNG Lead

Email: [email protected] 

Telephone: +44 (0) 1926 656 556 

Grain LNG Primary Capacity Holders

The contact details below are provided for parities interested in gaining access to the terminal via secondary capacity mechanisms directly from a primary capacity holder.


Website: http://www.lngga.com

Email: [email protected]


Email: [email protected]

Pavilion Energy

Email:  [email protected] 

Sonatrach Gas Marketing Limited

Email: [email protected]


Email: [email protected]


Email: [email protected]

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