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Innovation is at the heart of the RIIO regulatory framework. At National Grid, we aim to make sure innovation is part of our culture, influencing what we do and the way we work.

Gas transmission innovation

Improving our business, through both technical and commercial innovation that delivers value for consumers and provides a safe, efficient, and reliable network.

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Electricity transmission innovation

Our commitment to innovation allows us to run, build, and maintain our network more efficiently and effectively, delivering benefits to consumers and shareholders.

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The Power Potential project

The Power Potential project will develop a technical and a commercial solution to maximise the use of DER to resolve transmission voltage and thermal constraints. It will do so by ...

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The Enhanced Frequency Control Capability (EFCC) Project

Facing the challenge of maintaining the 50 Hz frequency stability on the transmission system as new generation technologies come online, such as solar and wind.

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Innovation projects across our business