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Hydrogen Focus Area

The Hydrogen Focus Area will consider market change activities needed to integrate hydrogen into the energy mix with minimal impact on gas market participants.

Hydrogen, alongside other technologies, is expected to play a significant role in the decarbonisation of UK heat, industry, power generation and transport. However, it is unclear how and where it will be produced and consumed, how it will be transported and when a hydrogen transition could begin. This uncertainty creates the need to understand the broad market impacts of hydrogen in different production, consumption and transportation scenarios.

National Grid Gas Transmission in collaboration with industry, decision makers and stakeholders are working together on the Hydrogen Gas Markets Plan (GMaP). We want to make sure the gas system and markets continue to deliver consumer value throughout the UK’s potential transition to a full (100%) hydrogen future. 

Hydrogen GMaP objective

The Hydrogen GMaP objective is to outline potential future market change based on a range of hydrogen scenarios. For market participants, this will indicate how to plan for future market change, based on specific market triggers that could come to fruition. 

The Hydrogen GMaP launched in April 2020 and is progressing through three defined stages: 

  • We generated four hydrogen scenarios that include upstream, midstream and downstream variables that could make up a UK hydrogen economy.  
  • Based on industry engagement, we developed a range of market action recommendations that may be required to enable a full hydrogen transition. These recommendations have been assembled in three discrete sections, including no regrets, low regrets and trigger-based recommendations.  
  • In the final stage we have completed a deep dive on two selected market action recommendations, including:
    • Exploring current UK gas industry hydrogen market area knowledge strengths and gaps, considering the potential hydrogen transition
    • Exploring potential hydrogen market framework development, considering the development of a 100% hydrogen town and 100% hydrogen village as included within the PM’S 10 Point Plan for a green revolution. 

Project outputs will be published on this page upon completion in Q1 2021, please subscribe to our distribution list to receive an email notification when these are published.   

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