Gas Quality Focus Area

The Gas Quality Focus Area will consider how market rules may need to evolve to accommodate more diverse, low-carbon gases into the GB gas system.

GMaP Gas Quality ‘Implementing the Proposed Gas Quality Standards’ Project

This first Gas Market Plan (GMaP) gas quality project looked at how the market rules for changing gas quality limits at system entry points could be improved, with a lens on future change over the next decade. The project’s final report recommends and commits to delivering tangible improvements to the regime in the short term, alongside longer-term actions to be undertaken after a trigger event.

To meet the objective of delivering additional low-carbon gases to UK consumers, GS(M)R will need to change and evolve. However changing GS(M)R does not automatically mean those changes can be immediately accessed. It's vital for industry to have clarity on how changes to gas quality ranges can be accessed in an efficient manner, taking into consideration operational, commercial and end-user impacts.

The project was supported by an expert working group, made up of 11 different industry parties from upstream, mid-stream and downstream and government. The working group provided direction and support and has been instrumental in providing a broad range of stakeholder views.