Gas Transmission

We own, manage, and operate the national transmission network in Great Britain, making gas available when and where it’s needed.

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Person wearing Gas branded PPE walking between gas pipelines at St Fergus gas terminal in Scotland

Gas Winter Outlook 2022-23

Our latest Gas Winter Outlook report has now been published and this year it goes further than ever before; providing more information and insight, with the aim of helping our customers and stakeholders prepare for the winter ahead.

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One-stop shop for stakeholders

Our stakeholders are important to us. Find all you need to know at our page for Gas Transmission stakeholders.

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Introducing FutureGrid

The FutureGrid project will build a hydrogen test facility from a representative range of decommissioned assets.

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Find out more about connecting to, diverting, and shipping using the gas National Transmission System (NTS).

Operational data

Here you can find gas transmission data for industry analysts, including operational data for all industry stakeholders.


Find out about the charges that users of the gas National Transmission System (NTS) have to pay and how they are calculated.

Calorific value

Find details of how the calorific value (CV) of gas is calculated which we use to determine the amount of energy transported by shippers and suppliers.

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Britain’s gas transmission and distribution teams combine to help Ukraine energy networks

Britain’s gas transmission and distribution networks have combined to assemble key specialist components to help to repair and replace infrastructure damaged during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Keeping gas and electricity flowing throughout the coronavirus crisis

As the world tackles coronavirus, National Grid employees are working hard to make sure the lights stay on and the gas keeps flowing.

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Abstract image of gas streaming inside yellow gas pipe - used for the National Grid story 'Shaping the future of UK gas markets'

Shaping the future of UK gas markets

Gas keeps over 80% of Britain’s households warm and fuels much of our nation’s traditional industrial activity. But what might our use of this all-important resource look like as part of a low carbon future? National Grid, alongside our industry partners, today announces the publication of the Gas Markets Plan.