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We are in the midst of an energy revolution. The economic landscape, developments in technology, evolving business models, and consumer behaviour are changing at an unprecedented rate, creating more opportunities than ever for our industry.

Our Future Energy Scenarios and other System Operator (SO) publications aim to encourage and inform debate, leading to changes that ensure a secure, sustainable, and affordable energy future.

Since last year the political landscape has changed – we have seen the US withdraw from the Paris Accord, a general election in the UK, and the continued uncertainty of the UK leaving the European Union. Coupled with this, we are seeing many developments which are disrupting the traditional energy status quo today, such as an ever-changing and divergent energy mix. Plus, developments in technologies such as electric vehicles, smart devices, and consumer behaviour change, to name but a few, which will impact in the future. All of this leads to the requirement for more flexible energy systems.

Against this backdrop, it is impossible to forecast a single energy future over the long term. By providing a range of credible futures in these publications, it allows us to support the development of an energy system that is robust against a range of outcomes. 

Future Energy Scenarios (FES)

Find out about the future energy scenarios and participate in the consultation process. You can contribute to our scenarios to better understand the future usage of energy.

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Winter outlook

This report draws together our analysis of the supply and demand of both gas and electricity for winter along with our initial view of the winter ahead.

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Summer outlook

Summer outlook reports are designed to inform the energy industry and support its preparations for the summer ahead (April to October).

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System Operability Framework (SOF)

The System Operability Framework (SOF) takes a holistic view of the changing energy landscape to assess the future operation of Britain's electricity networks.

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​Electricity Ten Year Statement (ETYS)

Part of the annual electricity transmission planning cycle that shows the likely future transmission requirements of bulk power transfer capability.

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Gas Ten Year Statement (GTYS)

Published annually to provide you, our customers and stakeholders, with a better understanding of how we intend to operate and plan for the NTS over the next ten years. 

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Gas Future Operability Planning (GFOP)

The Gas Future Operability Planning (GFOP) describes how your changing requirements may affect the future capability of the National Transmission System (NTS).

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Network Options Assessment (NOA)

The NOA has an important role in the development of an efficient, coordinated, and economic system of electricity transmission.

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Future of energy

We produce scenarios to give us a way of understanding future of energy usage and a greater degree of confidence in our decision-making. To discover more about our Future Energy Scenarios (FES) and how you can get involved in the consultation process, please visit our Future Energy Scenarios website.

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Future of balancing services

As the UK moves to a low-carbon economy, the way we operate the electricity system is evolving. A smart, flexible system that makes the best use of all the energy resources available will enable us to meet our customers’ needs in a balanced, efficient and economical way. Find out more about our future plans for balancing services and download the System Needs and Product Strategy (SNAP) document.

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