New Essential Infrastructure

IFA2 Connection

South West

Constructing an electricity substation to connect the new IFA2 interconnector to the national electricity network.

Project description

We will be carrying out work at National Grid’s existing Chilling Lane site as part of a larger scheme to connect the electricity systems of the UK and France. Connecting the electricity systems provides diverse sources of electricity and helps to keep supplies secure and affordable.

The proposed new substation at our Chilling Lane site will be connected to the proposed converter station at Daedalus via underground cables. The substation will allow the power from the interconnector via the converter station to be fed into the national grid.

We have agreed the external design and appearance of the operational control buildings with the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to minimise any visual impact from the site. There is currently existing woodland screening at the site and we would look to retain and enhance this where possible.

The site will be an outdoor Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) substation, within the boundaries of the existing site.

All new equipment at site will be lower than the existing overhead line gantries there.

Latest update

Our work at our Chilling Lane site falls under Permitted Development.

This means that National Grid is able to undertake electricity development works on its land, within certain limits. This includes the installation of plant, equipment and buildings.

We have also worked with the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to decide on the external design and appearance of the operational buildings. This will keep any visual impact from the site to a minimum.

Construction programme timeline



Jan-18 – Apr-18

Site establishment and clearance

Apr-18 – Jul-18

Civil works, piling and excavation


Importing chippings


Delivery of equipment

Oct-18 – Dec-18

Ongoing construction


Site shutting down over Christmas

Jan-19 – Oct-19

Ongoing construction



We have been preparing plans about how best to access the site for construction, which we will be sharing at our community information session in January 2018. We have prepared a traffic management plan in consultation with the local highways' department, seeking to minimise disruption to local neighbours.

Further Information

We will be hosting a Public Information Session on 9th January 2018 at Titchfield Community Centre from 3.30pm to 7.30pm so that the local community can view the plans, meet the team and ask any questions about the substation work at Chilling.

If you have any questions for the substation team or would like to know more information on our progress before our information sessions, you can call our Community Relations Team on 0800 019 2054 or email [email protected]