Investment and innovation

We continue to innovate and invest in the communities we serve. Here, you can browse through a snapshot of our many projects that show how we're investing and finding better ways to connect homes and business to the energy they need.  

Environment and community

Investing in the nation’s energy infrastructure--the pipes and wires that keep the heat flowing and the lights on--by both building and maintaining secure and safe energy networks.

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New essential infrastructure

Large-scale development projects that we are working on. Where our plans affect you or your community, we encourage you to let us know your opinions on our proposals.

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Visual Impact Provision (VIP)

Represents a major opportunity to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife, and environmental heritage within our most protected landscapes.

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National Grid Property

The need to regenerate brownfield sites has never been greater and together with our consultants we share an ambition to become leaders in the sector.

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Gas transmission innovation

Improving our business, through both technical and commercial innovation that delivers value for consumers and provides a safe, efficient, and reliable network.

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Electricity transmission innovation

Our commitment to innovation allows us to run, build, and maintain our network more efficiently and effectively, delivering benefits to consumers and shareholders.

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System operator innovation

Working with innovation partners to adapt to changes in the energy system. Our strategy outlines innovation opportunities that we want to solve in partnership with you.

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