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FutureGrid is an ambitious programme which seeks to build a hydrogen test facility in Northern England


Achieving the UK’s Net Zero targets will require decarbonisation across the whole energy system. Sectors such as heat are difficult to decarbonise, and the importance of the National Transmission System (NTS) to the UK’s current energy supply means we need to consider how to deliver low carbon energy, reliably and safely to all consumers. Existing research suggests that hydrogen could be an alternative to natural gas, but there are several knowledge gaps that need addressing.

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Introducing FutureGrid

Watch our video to learn about the full FutureGrid programme, the phase 1 project and our project partners.

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About the project

The FutureGrid project will build a hydrogen test facility from a representative range of decommissioned assets. Flows of hydrogen and natural gas blends (up to 100% hydrogen) will be tested at transmission pressures, to better understand how hydrogen interacts with the assets. The project will increase understanding of the characteristics of hydrogen in the NTS and builds on the HyNTS programme of work carried out so far, demonstrating what is required for hydrogen to be safely transported within the NTS.

Hydrogen has the potential to play a role in the decarbonisation of heat, power, and industry. Using a hydrogen test facility that remains separate from the NTS will allow for testing to be undertaken in a controlled environment, with no risk to the safety and reliability of the existing NTS. FutureGrid provides a significant opportunity to increase collaboration across the gas networks, help share learning and increase hydrogen knowledge within the gas industry.

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