Insight and innovation

Innovating for the future is at the heart of our business. We continually invest in our networks, making possible the energy systems of tomorrow.

Our wide range of publications provides energy insight and analysis, as well as information about how we are shaping the future of energy in the UK. 

What is the future of gas?

We plan to deliver a system that helps to tackle climate change. Innovation includes the cleaner option of hydrogen, as well as biogas produced by the breakdown of waste. For a clearer, fairer and more affordable energy future.

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ST Fergus

Electricity and Gas Networks in Scotland – principles document

Gas Transmission is central to a new set of principles published in March 2021 by The Scottish Government, Scotland’s energy companies and Ofgem.


Gas Transmission Innovation

Improving our business, through both technical and commercial innovation that delivers value for consumers and provides a safe, efficient, and reliable network.

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Future of Gas

Gas will be key as we transition to a net zero, sustainable energy system. However, we need to manage the challenge of high levels of uncertainty about the future direction and pace of change.