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Gas Quality Focus Area

The Gas Quality Focus Area will consider how market rules may need to evolve to accommodate more diverse, low carbon gases into the GB gas system.

Gas Quality Focus Area publication - project scope

The first Gas Market Plan (GMaP) Gas Quality project: 'Implementing the proposed gas quality standards' has now commenced. This project should deliver a recommended approach on how changes to gas quality ranges should be implemented over the next decade, taking into consideration impacts on market participants.

To meet the objective of delivering low carbon gases to UK consumers, GS(M)R will need to change and evolve. This project supports that ambition. However, it is vital for industry to have clarity on how changes to gas quality ranges will be implemented, taking into consideration operational, commercial and end user impacts. This project hopes to support that aim, helping to ensure a fair and just transition.

Download the project scoping document


Gas Quality Focus Area publication - Knowledge Share

The Enabling the Gas Markets Plan document outlined three focus areas for further work in 2020 to help facilitate the energy transition whilst also continuing to deliver value for the consumer.

These focus areas were:

  • Gas Quality
  • Balancing
  • Hydrogen

Download Enabling the Gas Markets Plan

The first piece of work from the Gas Quality Focus Area is the publication of a Gas Quality Knowledge Share.

Gas quality and its associated rules and regulations are of paramount importance for the safe delivery and consumption of gas in homes and businesses across the UK today. It was also have a key role to play in facilitating the introduction of low carbon gases onto the network, which support the energy transition and policy goals.