NTS connections

Find out more about connecting to, diverting, and shipping using the gas National Transmission System (NTS). The NTS supplies gas to end consumers, including large end users such as industrial consumers and power stations, who receive gas directly from the NTS.  We manage the entire connections process.

If you have a question about a domestic property or home, please contact your local distribution network operator (DNO).

Gas Customer Connections Webinar

We held a webinar on 12th May 2021 to discuss  our connections process and future connections. 

The material is available from the below link

Gas Connections Webinar - Webinars - National Grid Gas Operational Data Community

We offer three types of connection to the NTS: entry, exit, and storage. Our Gas Contract Management Team manages the entire connections process for, and relationship with, new and existing customers requiring connections and diversions to the NTS. We also provide support to gas shippers who wish to use the NTS, and those who would like to reserve capacity through the Planning and Advanced Reservation of Capacity Agreement (PARCA) and Capacity Allocation Mechanism for IPs (CAM) processes.

If you have any questions about NTS gas connections (for large industrial consumers) please contact us by email and we will be happy to help.

We do not provide home or domestic connections.  Please contact your local distribution network operator (DNO).

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Project CLoCC

Project CLoCC (Customer Low-Cost Connections) will provide a turnkey solution to minimise the cost and time of new connections to the National Transmission System (NTS) for smaller and unconventional gas customers.

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Questions about domestic connections

We do not charge or supply domestic consumers directly. If you have questions about your household bills, domestic meter, or related issues please contact your network operator. You can find out who your operator is by entering your post code on the Energy Networks website.

Go to the Energy Networks website

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Gas query directory

To help you efficiently find the right person to talk to in relation to specific National Transmission System operational gas queries, we have developed the following contact list and directory. We have based it on the most common queries we receive from our customers. Its purpose is to make finding the right subject matter expert within National Grid, quicker and easier than ever before.

Please note that if your query relates to a home or domestic gas connection or meter exchange, please contact your network operator. You can find who your network operator is on the Energy Networks Association website.  

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Emergencies and safety advice

If you smell gas or have accidentally hit the NTS pipeline please call us urgently on 0800 111 999.

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Details about charges that users of the gas National Transmission System (NTS) have to pay, how they are calculated, and how we handle capacity.

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