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Meter validation apps - NGage

NGage and NGageCalc are our free apps for anyone validating high-pressure gas measurements. It provides a more transparent picture of metering validation, assuring the gas community that we are keeping a close eye on the UK’s meter assets. On this page, you will find out how to get the app and how to contact us about it.


NGage is a free National Grid app that can be used to carry out a meter validation in accordance with industry standard T/PM/E/2 (Work Procedure For Validation Of Equipment Associated With Measurement Systems For The Calculation Of Mass, Volume And Energy Flowrate Of Gas).

To get the NGage app, please contact the Meter Assurance team.

NGage Calc

NGage Calc is a free National Grid app that can be used to calculate typical natural gas properties at UK standard reference (15C/15C) conditions. The app incorporates the following calculations:

  • ISO 6976 (2005);

  • AGA 8 (Gross & Detail Characterisation) 1994;

  • ISO 5167 (1991 & 2003); and

  • Gas Safety (Management) Regulations (1996) Schedule 3 calculations (Wobbe, Incomplete Combustion Factor and Sooting Index)

The app allows the data to be saved for future dissemination.

To get the NGageCalc app, please use the NGage Calc download links on this page.