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Find out how we're working to keep the electricity and gas flowing reliably throughout the outbreak.

How we’re performing

Here you can find out about how we’re performing under our current business plans, including reliability, the environment, customer satisfaction, customer connections and, most importantly, safety.

How we’re performing under our current business plans

Our performance outputs under our current business plans were set by a stakeholder consultation process at the start of the RIIO-T1 price control.

We’re making good progress, but know we still need to improve in some areas. We welcome your feedback, so we can make sure we’re improving in the areas that are important to you.

Our results

Since the start of the RIIO-T1 period, we’ve invested nearly £1 billion towards the performance outputs we’d agreed. These outputs are categorised as: providing a safe energy network, ensuring long-term reliability and availability; managing our environmental impact; achieving high levels of stakeholder and customer satisfaction; and connecting customers quickly and efficiently.

Our yearly results against these categories are shown below.

Safety: providing a safe energy network

We’ve achieved a strong safety performance, which is crucial to our stakeholders, the communities we serve and to our business. We’re on track to meet government requirements for protecting our assets that are essential for securing UK infrastructure.

We’ve maintained a 100% compliance with HSE legislation. And our injury frequency rate (the number of injuries per 100,000 hours worked) has remained low throughout the RIIO-T1 period.

Reliability: delivering long-term reliability, minimising the number and duration of interruptions

We’ve maintained very high levels of reliability and availability for our customers to input and offtake gas from our system, whenever they want to.

We know we need to do more to manage constraints (where gas is restricted from flowing between two points). However, we’ve continually reduced the number of maintenance days requested over the RIIO-T1 period. This makes sure our customers can continue to supply gas to their own customers.

Environmental impact: playing our role in achieving broader environmental objectives

Minimising the impact our business has on the environment is important to us, and to our stakeholders.

A large part of our carbon footprint is made up of our gas-powered compressors, which move gas from entry point to where it’s needed. Changing supply patterns have led to increasing emissions in recent years.

We’ve responded by investing in low emissions technology to meet customers' use of the network. We’re working hard to make sure we comply with the latest emissions legislation.

Customer and stakeholder satisfaction

We’re measured on customer and stakeholder satisfaction through annual surveys. The incentive limits we can earn are (+ / -) 1 per cent of our annual allowed revenue. Our satisfaction scores have improved since the start of RIIO-T1, although we had a slight reduction in 2017/18.

Our customers and stakeholders have remained a key priority. As part of our customer transformation programme, we’ve used feedback to create detailed action plans to help us improve even further.

Stakeholder Engagement Incentive Submission
Connecting customers quickly and efficiently

We continue to improve the customers’ connections service we offer both in terms of the products and charging structures. We’re progressing well with our Network Innovation Competition (NIC) funded Customer Low Cost Connections (CLoCC) project, which aims to reduce the time and cost to connect.

In addition, we have met all requirements associated with connection and capacity requests submitted by our customers, except in one case where we agreed a delay of two days with a customer.

Our performance summary
Transmission innovation

Your feedback is important

We want to make sure we’re improving in the areas that are important to you, so we welcome your feedback on our performance.

Please email us at the address below.

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