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Have your say on our current business plans

Here you can find information about how we’re consulting with you and other stakeholders on our current business plans. Find out how to share your feedback with us.

Have your say on our current business plans

We regularly consult with our stakeholders on our current business plans, which cover the period 2013-2021.

Below, you can find details of our ongoing consultations, as well as documents and information relating to our previous consultations.  

We would like to hear your feedback on these and other topics relating to our business plans, so we can take your views into account in our planning.  

Gas quality developments

We consulted the industry on a number of issues related to gas quality in 2017/18. 

Since then, we’ve been exploring the feasibility of National Grid providing gas blending services with interested parties at NTS entry points where multiple sources of gas enter our network.

If feasibility can be demonstrated, we’ll then engage wider on our plans to develop this service later in 2019. 

If you’d like to get involved, please contact Phil Hobbins on the email link below.

[email protected]

Previous consultation documents

Compressor strategy engagement documents 

We’re working with you to develop a strategy for our gas compressors, so we can make sure they meet the requirements of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). Gas compressors maintain the pressure on the National Transmission System and make sure gas reaches its destination when it’s needed. 

Here you can view webinar materials and information relating to our compressor strategy and the Industrial Emissions Directive.

Network output measures documents 

Working with Ofgem, we’ve been developing a new way to value the risk and performance levels of our network. Our approach will help plan asset health work more efficiently, reducing the impact on customers.

Here, you can view or download information relating to our network output measures (NOMs) Methodology. 

Market attractiveness and accessibility 

We’re building on our stakeholder engagement to understand what Uniform Network Code (UNC) and market arrangements are required in the future.