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I want the gas system to be safe

Here, we look at the vital importance of safety on the gas transmission system. We set out our stakeholders’ views and describe how we’re managing safety – now and in the future. 

I want the gas system to be safe  

This priority is about what we do to keep the public, our employees and other people who work on or around our assets safe from the hazards inherent in our business.

Failure to supply gas and major uncontrolled release of gas from the high-pressure network, are both potential threats to life and property.

At National Grid, safety is paramount. We continue to pursue our goal of zero harm to the public, our employees, and other people who work on or around our assets from the safety risks associated with our activities.

In addition, we have obligations to comply with relevant health and safety legislation, monitored and enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Golden thread

Golden Threads demonstrate how the voice of our stakeholders is reflected in our business plan outputs. And how our business plan delivers value for consumers.

I want the gas system to be safe  


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Here you can find information about how we consulted with our stakeholders on our business plan.

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