​Enhanced frequency response (EFR)

​Enhanced frequency response (EFR) is a dynamic service where the active power changes proportionally in response to changes in system frequency. This service is aimed at improving the management of system frequency pre-fault to maintain system frequency closer to 50Hz.

The EFR service is open to both Balancing Mechanism (BM) and non-BM providers who could meet the technical requirements.

As a guide, we have previously received tenders from:

  • generators;
  • storage providers; and
  • aggregated demand side response.

Offering other balancing services as well as EFR

Providers can offer other balancing services outside of their tendered EFR windows.

Units must be ready and in frequency sensitive mode at the start of each EFR window.

What are the next steps for potential providers?

It is expected that EFR will be incorporated into the standard frequency response market through the flexibility programme.

Contact us to discuss providing this service or for advice.