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Experts in gas siteworks infrastructure services

Our Siteworks service offers Industrial & Commercial customers a turn key end-to-end connections and metering service.

We offer Siteworks services on a national basis for all types of industrial and commercial sites. 

We work directly for the end customer or for the gas supplier.

Our services are applicable to small/medium enterprise customers through to complex industrial sites and across all pressure tiers.

Our project team have extensive experience and expertise and are Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS) accredited.

We are trusted to deliver your project on time and to budget whilst providing engineering excellence and first class customer service from start to finish.

Our team will design and manage the delivery of every aspect of the installation from the distribution network through to the gas burner, liaising with the relevant industry stakeholders to deliver a truly all inclusive gas service.

Our Siteworks service typically covers the following:

  • New supply / connection
  • Upgrade / Downgrade
  • Relocation
  • Disconnection

Siteworks case study - gas upgrade

National Grid Metering developed an engineering solution to ensure the gas could stay live during upgrade

When a major manufacturer in London needed to upgrade their vital gas supply, the Service Delivery team at National Grid Metering stepped up to design, build and commission a solution whilst keeping the site operational.

The site provided several obstacles, but key was that the factory needed to stay operational 24/7.

Senior Integrity Engineer, Mark Tarran, developed a solution that would allow the work to be complete with no interruption to the gas supply.

Another part of the scope was to reduce the risk to the asset by removing a 25 meter high, 36 inch diameter vent stack that was adjacent to the main loading entrance for the factory. This was then redesigned and the new design created a 50% reduction in the gas footprint within the compound.

All remaining original pipework had pipe supports replaced, grit blasted and painted to T/SP/PA/10 (four coat system) to futureproof the installation.

Mark Tarran said of the project

“After identifying the problems with our client, we designed a solution that delivered what they wanted, within a timeframe acceptable to all.  Despite the coronavirus lockdown occurring in the middle of the job which postponed activity at site for several weeks, we still managed to commission the new install in June.

Through it all we maintained the gas supply to site allowing them to continue operating with minimal inconvenience, whilst National Grid Metering and our service partner Allgas1 delivered a complex project and overcame significant obstacles.”

Siteworks case study - gas installation

Installation of a new gas supply at Chatterley Whitfield generation plant

On the site of an old colliery in Stoke on Trent a new 20MW power generation plant was identified to reinforce the electricity grid at times of peak demand, the Siteworks team at NGM was engaged to provide the feasibility of the gas needed to power the plant and access to it from the existing gas network.

The team identified the nearest connection point being 1.5KM away, they provided a hot tap welded connection on the 12” 7 bar steel gas main and laid the 250mm diameter PE pipe to site to deliver the gas. The GIRS design, identification, capacity check and approval of the connection to the mains and the subsequent pressure reduction station and meter commissioning was project managed and delivered by the Siteworks team.

Siteworks case study - gas installation

Installation of new mains and service pipework at Stanley Way generation plant

National Grid Metering Siteworks worked closely with the site operator and developer to provide the gas supply connection with capacity to energise the 13 engines to provide 20MW of electricity to inject into the North West grid network when needed to meet demand from industry and residential customers.

The GIRS design, identification, capacity check and approval of the connection to the mains and the subsequent pressure reduction station and meter commissioning was project managed and delivered by the Siteworks team.

Siteworks case study - gas disconnection

Gas Disconnection at Wolverhampton Steel Works

This video will show you how National Grid Metering successfully and safely disconnected the gas supply at a steel manufacturing facility; working closely with our service partners to provide compliant and safe solutions.

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