Our UK businesses

We have a unique position at the heart of Britain’s energy system, connecting people to the energy they use, safely. We keep the lights on and the gas flowing so people can go about their daily lives. And we’re working to build a cleaner, fairer and more affordable energy system that serves everyone. 

What we do in the UK

We own the high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales. The system is operated across Great Britain by our legally separate Electricity System Operator business. We also own and operate the high-pressure gas transmission system in Great Britain.


The challenge – net zero carbon by 2050

Our world is changing fast. By upgrading to cleaner, greener and more affordable energy we can begin to tackle the global climate challenge, while creating exciting new opportunities for growth.

Our teams at National Grid are working to build a cleaner, fairer and more affordable energy system that serves everyone – powering the future of our homes, transport and industry We believe by acting now, the UK can become the world’s first major clean economy, with net zero carbon emissions by 2050, creating growth and jobs for communities across Britain.

Working towards a cleaner energy future

We’re cutting emissions by plugging major export and industrial hubs like Port Talbot into clean energy. And we’re reengineering the country’s £6bn gas transmission system for hydrogen, so the heat in our homes and businesses can go green.

We’re building the world’s longest undersea electricity cable, connecting three quarters of a million homes to clean hydro power direct from Norway’s fjords, and investing £1.3billion every year to wire up UK cities to the next generation clean gas and electricity networks.

Over the next ten years we will triple the use of the UK’s home-grown clean energy like wind, hydropower and thermal, so that everyone can benefit from clean energy and cleaner air. We’ll also support a nationwide rollout of charging points, bringing nine million new electric cars onto our roads by 2030.

Upgrading our energy infrastructure

Ensuring a healthier, greener energy future for Britain requires significant upgrades to our energy infrastructure to meet the increased demand.

Our teams at National Grid are working hard to make this future possible. Our work involves combining the best of British engineering with smart technology to deliver cleaner, lower cost energy to where it’s needed – our homes, our workplaces, our transport infrastructure.


Overview of our UK businesses

Our businesses in the UK are responsible for reliably and safely running the gas and electricity networks for the nation. Discover more about what we do below. 

London Power Tunnells WillesdenGrn

Electricity Transmission

We own the high-voltage transmission network in England and Wales. We’re responsible for making sure electricity is transported safely and efficiently from where it is produced – reaching homes and businesses, safely, reliably and efficiently.

Our work includes building and maintaining the electricity transmission network, and facilitating the connection of assets to it. We also provide expert engineering services to businesses in the energy sector through our Engineering and Consultancy Solutions (ECS).

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Gas Transmission

We own and operate the gas national transmission system (NTS) in Great Britain. We ensure Britain’s gas is transported safely and efficiently from where it is produced to the places it is consumed, balancing supply and demand day-to-day. We manage the process of connecting to, diverting and shipping gas using the NTS.

Our gas system operator is now part of National Grid Gas Transmission, uniting the licensed gas business and making it simpler for our customers to deal with.

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Solar and Wind Farm NGV

Electricity System Operator

National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO), a legally separate business within the National Grid Group, is the electricity system operator for Great Britain. The ESO moves electricity around the system to keep homes and businesses supplied with the energy they need 24/7.

In addition to balancing the system second-by-second to make sure supply always meets demand, the ESO is planning for the future too. Its ambition is to be able to operate a zero carbon electricity system by 2025, which will be crucial in helping the UK meet its wider zero carbon target.

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