Regulatory Frameworks

Gas Transmission owns, manages, and operates the national transmission system in Great Britain, making gas available when and where it's needed. We ensure that our network is safe, reliable and available, and that it delivers value for our consumers and stakeholders, while minimising impact on the environment.

In March 2022, National Grid confirmed it has entered into an agreement for a consortium led by Macquarie together with the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation to acquire a 60% equity stake in GT&M. The consortium also has an option to acquire the remaining 40% stake in 2023.

Have your say: Evolving the regulatory framework to ensure the least cost and secure net zero transition

Tony headshot

Tony Nixon (Director, GT Regulation)

As part of our 5-year regulatory cycle, we will soon commence the development of our next regulatory business plan that will cover the period (2026-2031).

There has recently been significant change in the cost of living, more focus on energy security and domestic supply, and an enhanced focus on delivering net zero. We want to make sure that we have aligned our initial thinking for the early development of our next business plan, and that these reflect matters that are important to you, that they deliver your energy needs for today and a low carbon gas network for the future.

Carol Hook

Carole Hook (Future Networks Manager)

Before we build this plan, we would like to take the opportunity to consult with you on key areas and invite any thoughts you may have that will help shape our input to the regulatory framework proposed by Ofgem.

This document invites your feedback that will help shape our thinking.

Here, we share our thoughts about key areas that need to be considered in the future regulatory framework, and welcome your feedback on these important matters (open to 22nd July 2022). We will then play pack an update on what we have heard.