An image of a National Grid employee in protective gear working surrounded by machinery

Delivering value from innovation

Innovation is central to the RIIO framework and is a vital part of delivering benefits to our customers and gas transmission business.

Over the past four years, we have delivered a strong portfolio of over 100 innovation projects, demonstrating a robust pipeline of new ideas. By focusing on transitioning these innovations into business as usual we realise the full potential of successful projects.

Innovation value tracking

The value delivered from embedded innovation is continually measured and tracked to ensure benefits are realised for our customers. £8.6m of value has been realised to date with a benefit ratio of 4:1 against cost incurred.

In April 2017, NGGT published a first-of-its-kind innovation value mid-term report capturing the value delivered from 10 featured case studies. Our library of case studies has continued to grow with several new case studies published and several existing ones updated.

As we continue tracking the value of innovation to network customers, we will add to our library of case studies below. We will also create and share case studies on innovation projects that have had significant learnings but, due to several factors, may not have realised financial benefits.

Case study library

Our case studies are split into themes reflecting the five priority areas of the business:


Sustain world-class levels of safety and seek innovative solutions to reduce the risk on our networks.

Keeping people safe is our key priority. Through innovation we are developing tools, techniques and processes to drive greater safety across our network. We are also focusing on reducing the risk of damage by third parties working on or near our pipelines. This ensures the safest network for our workforce, our customers and the public.


Embed sustainability into our network to reduce our environmental impact and make the most of the resources we use.

Innovation will continue to play a central role in our commitment to reducing emissions. We’re developing new technologies to reduce our emissions from vented gas and our compressor fleet. Ultimately, this will reduce the impact our operations have on the environment in which we operate.


Deliver value for our stakeholders and seek opportunities to deliver a safe and efficient service across our operations now and into the future.

Cutting edge technologies are unlocking the potential for smarter investment decisions on our network. We are exploring innovative techniques to optimise insights from our data and deliver significant efficiencies in our operations.

Reliability and operability

Drive improvements in asset health across our network to ensure the network can operate reliably and flexibly to deliver the best possible service.

Innovation is playing a vital role in identifying new opportunities to intelligently operate and manage our network. A major focus has been on identifying novel tools and techniques to enable more accurate and efficient inspection of our pipelines. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Open Source SCADA are helping to build a more reliable network for the future.

Customer and commercial

Understand the needs and priorities of our customers to provide exceptional service.

We aim to satisfy the needs of our customers whilst preparing for future demands from new sources of gas and their impact on the NTS. Through innovation we are challenging existing practices and developing new methodologies in areas such as network constraint modelling to meet the demands of our customers now and in the future.