Interactive map

We have produced an interactive map which allows you to interact with our proposals and identify where you are in relation to our project. This is to make it easier to identify which area is most relevant to you and to provide feedback as required.

View an interactive map of our proposals

Using this interactive map, you can view:

  • our proposed graduated swathe detailing a new 400 kV overhead line  between the existing Norwich Main substation in Norfolk to the existing substation at Bramford, and from Bramford to the existing Tilbury substation in Essex

  • the graduated swathe detailing our proposals for a connection substation on the Tendring Peninsula. This is detailed in the 'Our proposals in Babergh, Tendring and Colchester' section of our project background document

The key on the upper left hand side of the interactive map provides you with the functionality to toggle between both our proposed new 400kV overhead line and the connection substation. 

As our proposals relate to the reinforcement of the 400kV network in East Anglia, this map only illustrates the existing 400kV network along with related substations. A detailed map of the existing 275kV and 132kV network, particularly in and around London, can be viewed on page 25 of our project background document.

Our public consultation runs from Thursday 21 April to Thursday 16 June 2022. This is an important opportunity for you to have your say on our early proposals for Norwich to Tilbury. 

Have your say on our proposals