At National Grid, we always aim to provide a high standard of customer service. 

If you are unhappy with your experience with us, we would appreciate it if you could let us know so that we can correct it.

Which company does your complaint relate to?

National Grid complaints

If your complaint relates to:


An electricity supply issue to your home or business

Please contact your local distribution network operator (DNO). Find them here on the Energy Networks Association website. These companies own and operate the system of cables and towers that bring electricity to your homes and businesses.


Issues with payment meters, electricity tariffs, or your electricity bill

Please contact your electricity supplier. Their details should be on the back of your electricity bill. In the event of a power cut to your property please call 105.


National Grid Electricity Transmission

We own the transmission network in England and Wales and mainly deal with high voltage connections to industry. To raise a complaint, please complete the following form:

Complaints form 


Next steps

We will acknowledge your complaint within one working day. We will look into your complaint and get back to you in 20 working days.

Thank you for your patience.


What to do in a power cut

If you’re experiencing a power cut, you should call 105. Do not call your electricity supplier. Electricity suppliers sell consumers energy and are not responsible for power lines. Calling 105 is free.

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Who is my distribution network operator?

When you call 105 you’ll be put through to your distribution network operator. Or you can find out which one is yours by visiting this page.