Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my meter need to be exchanged?

The Policy Meter Exchange Programme is a pro-active approach to exchanging gas meters before they reach the end of their useful life.  National Grid Metering is abiding by their commitment under the gas act 1995 to ensure that our gas meters are ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘accurate’.

2. If I need to rearrange my appointment, when is the next available appointment? (Can I change my appointment time and date?)

For planning purposes, the next available appointment is 15 working days after your date of enquiry (not including weekend or bank holiday). If however, this is a problem please call 0845 6066766 and we will endeavour to help you.

3. What are the time slots available?

We can offer three appointment timeslots for these types of jobs. These are an A.M appointment (between 8am – 1pm), a P.M appointment (between 12pm – 8pm) and an A.T (anytime) appointment (between 8am – 8pm).

Should a customer have an A.M. or P.M. preference, please be advised that the “Policy Meter Exchange” work will be planned on a “best endeavours basis”, as we need the flexibility to fit the Policy Meter Exchange work around any unforeseen emergency work we have to respond to. (National Grid also provides a free of charge, 24 hour “Gas Emergency” call out service)

4. Why is access necessary? (Do I need to be at home?)

Before we commence meter work we have to turn off the gas supply for safety reasons.  All gas appliances are therefore isolated until the supply is restored. Our engineer will then purge the internal pipe work and appliances of air and re-light the boiler where necessary.

5. Why isn’t it possible for me to have a weekend appointment?

Unfortunately due to National Grid Metering’s current work commitments, we are not in a position to offer a weekend or bank holiday appointment as part of our current scheduled work routine. Unfortunately weekends are reserved for emergency work only.

6. Can my meter be moved at the same time? (Can I have the meter moved?)

For this type of request, you would need to contact your gas supplier, who should be able to arrange a different type of job for this (if you wish to move your meter up to 1.5m). However if, for  example,  you wished for your gas meter to be moved from inside your property to the outside you would need to contact the National Grid Enquiry Line on 0845 835 1111 and they can arrange for a move meter pack to be sent to you.

7. How will my supplier get my final meter reading?

Following a Policy Meter Exchange all the information surrounding the job is transferred to your Gas Supplier via an electronic file which transfers within 24hrs of the meter exchange.

8. Does this Policy Meter Exchange Programme have an environmental impact?

National Grid Metering is aware of the environmental issues associated with exchanging our gas meters. Most meters are refurbished and are not scrapped; normally we will only scrap meters that are not suitable for re-use. Any meter that is scrapped is sold to scrap metal merchants who in turn will recycle the metal parts.

9. Why is/isn't my neighbour's meter being changed?

National Grid works on behalf of energy suppliers to exchange and repair meters as and when necessary. The energy supplier will advise National Grid as and when it would like a specific meter to be replaced.

10. Will it cost me anything when you replace my meter?

No. Neither National Grid nor your gas supplier will charge you for replacing your meter.

11. How long will it take?

In most cases we would expect the work to take around 30-45 minutes.

12. Do I need to do anything before my appointment?

So as to minimise time and disruption, it is helpful if the meter is accessible and all obstructions are moved for when the meter worker arrives.

13. Is it safe to keep my boiler and cooker on whilst the gas meter is being changed?

No, in order to change your meter we will need to temporarily turn off your gas supply. Therefore, it will be necessary for your gas boiler and cooker to be turned off whilst the work is carried out.

14. I don't think my meter is working properly, what should I do?

In this instance, you need to contact your electricity or gas supplier who will be able to help with this.

15. Can you replace my broken meter box?

You need to contact your electricity or gas supplier who will arrange for the repair to be made.

16. How will I know the meter worker is genuine?

National Grid employs a number of different organisations throughout the country to do this work on its behalf. The meter worker who attends your appointment will carry an official identification card. As with all callers to your home, you should check this identification carefully before allowing them to enter. If you have any doubts that the meter worker is genuine the identity can be checked by calling our Customer Contact Centre on 0845 606 6766.

17. Why is the Digital Display Screen on my Credit Meter fading or blank?

The Battery within the meter is running low and therefore the meter needs to be exchanged as soon as possible. Please contact us on 0845 606 6766 to make an appointment if you do not already have one.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions please call our Customer Contact Centre on 0845 606 6766.

If you have a complaint in relation to National Grid Metering and/or any of the questions above then please email our complaints team direct who will be able to look into the issue for you. Please include your contact details and any available appointment details where possible.

If you have an enquiry regarding National Grid Metering which isn't covered in any of the frequently asked questions above, then please contact us using our online enquiry form. We will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours.