Gas Consumer Information

National Grid owns and operates the National Transmission System throughout Great Britain and owns and operates a significant Gas Distribution network throughout the heart of England.

Below are links to questions frequently asked by our gas customers.

For the latest on UK gas incidents please see our incidents page.

Operational Data

The Operational Data area is devoted to the provision of Operational and Market information to all relevant industry stakeholders.

Smell gas? Call 0800 111 999

I think I can smell gas 

To assist us to deal with emergency calls effectively please ONLY call the national gas emergency number (0800 111 999) if you

  • smell gas
  • suspect an emission of carbon monoxide, or
  • wish to report a fire or explosion.

Once you have completed your call and undertaken the safety measures we have recommended please be patient; an engineer will be with you as soon as possible.

Please only call back if the situation you have reported changes. 

If your gas appliance is not working properly you will need to contact either a Gas Safe registered engineer or your supplier.

I think I have no gas

Further information

  • To find a Gas Safe registered engineer call 0800 408 5500 or visit
  • National Grid’s appliance repair helpline: 0800 371782
  • If your call is for any other reason please contact our enquiry service on 0845 835 1111
  • For more safety videos please visit the gas emergency page

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Talking Networks is our dedicated website for involving our stakeholders in the development of our business plans. If you would like to view our business plans and/or become involved in our ongoing engagement then please visit:

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Where energy comes from

A short animation that shows how we take energy from its source and deliver it to homes and high-streets around the country.