Gas Ten Year Statement

Gas Ten Year Statement 2012

The Gas Ten Year Statement (GTYS) is published in line with Special Condition C2 of our Gas Transporters’ Licence and Section O of the Uniform Network Code. Special Condition C2 requires that the Gas Ten Year Statement, published annually, shall provide a ten-year forecast of transportation system usage and likely system developments that can be used by companies, who are contemplating connecting to our system or entering into transport arrangements, to identify and evaluate opportunities.

National Grid released its second UK Future Energy Scenarios (FES) document in September 2012, which describes the assumptions used in our analysis and development of future energy scenarios, including developments in electricity generation backgrounds, electricity and gas use and progress against environmental targets.  The data behind the scenarios published in the GTYS was published in September 2012, and is available on the FES web page.  Our stakeholder engagement to inform our 2013 scenarios will be undertaken in December 2012 and January 2013, and will include workshops and bilateral meetings.  In addition in January 2013 we will release questionnaires, which will be available to view on the FES web page.

The GTYS is a National Grid Transmission document, which concentrates solely on the transmission network.  Information relating to the Distribution Networks can be found in the Long Term Development Statements / Plans for the relevant distribution network.  The Long Term Development Plan for the Distribution Networks owned by National Grid, can be accessed via the link below.  This is a National Grid Distribution document, produced independently from the GTYS so the two will not necessarily be consistent.

National Grid UK Distribution Long Term Development Plan



Transmission Planning Code

The Transmission Planning Code describes National Grid’s approach to planning and developing the NTS in accordance with its duties as a gas transporter and other statutory obligations relating to safety and environmental matters. To view the current Transmission Planning Code, and the consultation history, follow the link below:



Gas Regional Initiative (GRI)

In 2006 the European Regulators (ERGEG) launched the Electricity Regional Initiative (ERI) and the Gas Regional Initiative (GRI).

The Electricity and Gas Regional Initiatives are European-wide initiatives intended as a concrete contribution to the integration of national markets by facilitating the creation of regional energy markets, in electricity and gas respectively. Such regional market integration is a practical and achievable way of delivering step-wise progress towards a competitive single European market for electricity and gas.
With respect to GRI, Great Britain is part of the North–West Region which also includes the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway (observer). 

The GRI NW Investment website was created after consultation with stakeholders by the relevant transmission system operators (TSOs). This website gives gas transmission system users an overview of all ongoing and most of the future infrastructure expansion projects and Open Seasons of the participating TSOs.

Transmission Customer Commitment

Winter Outlook Report

National Grid requests and provides information to participants in the gas and electricity markets by publishing a consultation and an outlook for the winter ahead. 

Summer Outlook Report

National Grid has agreed to provide a detailed report into a range of issues that the electricity and gas industries may face during the summer months, May to September. 


Uk Future Energy Scenarios Consultation

Our UK Future Energy Scenarios Consultation is an annual process which culminates in the publication of the UK Future Energy Scenarios Document.