Pipeline Projects

National Grid's natural gas pipelines are divided into two categories: high-pressure, larger-diameter transmission pipelines and lower-pressure distribution mains. These are explained below.


The high-pressure transmission pipelines transport gas from import terminals to major centres of population and some large industrial users, such as power stations. These pipelines, known as the National Transmission System (NTS), perform a similar function to the motorways on Britain's road network.

As Britain imports and uses more gas, new transmission pipelines are needed to help meet rising demand and to transport gas from new import terminals.

Information about projects to build new gas transmission pipelines will be added to this website as it becomes available.


The lower-pressure distribution pipeline network takes gas from the NTS and delivers it to homes and businesses. National Grid owns and operates the distribution network in the North West of England, the West Midlands, East of England and North London.

National Grid has an ongoing gas mains replacement programme, and as most distribution mains are close to homes and businesses their replacement often involves working in residential streets.

For more information about mains replacement works and our streetworks policy, please click on Streetworks on the left of this page.


* National Grid takes all reasonable steps to prevent mud on public highways.

Mains replacement

Here are the most recent press releases covering distribution projects. You can find the rest under Streetworks Project news or all releases in the Media section.