Transmission Connections


These pages provide information to parties requiring a connection to our National Transmission System (NTS). Information is provided regarding the types of connection we offer together with indicative timescales for construction and a summary of activities from receipt of an enquiry for a new connection to construction completion.

Exit Connections

Transmission exit connections are only appropriate for gas distribution network connected systems and major industrial premises expected to take gas in excess of 58,614,200 kWh (2,000,000 therms) per annum, such as power stations, combined heat and power (CHP) schemes and a few major energy using industries. 

Enquiries for connection of domestic properties, commercial properties and most industrial properties should be directed to the relevant Distribution Network Operator. 

Indicative costs of gas transmission exit connections are contained in our publication "National Grid NTS statement of principles and methods to be used to determine charges for National Transmission System connection services" (Licence Condition 4B Statement)

Our gas customer team is the initial point of contact for gas transmission exit connections. 

For more detailed information on exit connections please view the information in Exit Connections.

Should you wish to contact us to progress your enquiry please complete an Initial Enquiry Proforma.

Entry and/or Storage Connections

Our gas supply forecasting team provides the initial point of contact for enquires regarding new gas entry or storage connections. The team will be able to provide information regarding the UK Supply/Demand position and can ensure that any new project is considered when we update our forecasts for the Ten Year Statement and undertake our Transporting Britain’s Energy consultation process.

To ensure that new projects progress as smoothly as possible the team will also facilitate access to other teams within National Grid, who will provide expertise in areas such as how to ensure that the National Transmission System (NTS) will be able to accommodate the desired flows at your proposed connection, gas quality specifications and requirements to connect the site.

For more detailed information on entry connections please view the information in Entry Connections.

For more detailed information on storage connections please view the information in Storage Connections.

As new projects progress and developers become more certain that the project is viable the the Customer Services team to will provide on-going advice.

The Customer Service Gas Connections Team looks forward to hearing from you:

Vicky Higgin Gas Customer Manager
01926 654980

Kier Mayers Gas Portfolio Manager
01926 656442

Kyla Cox Gas Portfolio Manager
01926 654152