Identifying your existing gas meter size

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The following is a general guide for meter sizes based on a customer’s use:

• Standard Property (U6): Most Domestic properties will only require a U6 meter.
• Large Property (U16):  typically for large properties with specialist equipment such as heated swimming pools.
• Very Large Property (U25):  for properties that require extremely large hourly gas usage. These are very rarely required.

Sizes for meters are usually displayed with a prefix of U or E followed by a digit. This information can usually be seen on your meter near the dial. below is an example of the location of the meter size on the dial. This meter size is U6.

Sometimes, the size of the meter is displayed in the following format: Q max = (number) M3/H. In the example below, the size of the meter is “U6.”

If your meter instead displays a format of Q max = 16 M3/H, your meter size would be U16.