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At National Grid our job is to connect people to the energy they use – whether to heat and light homes or to keep factories, shops and businesses going.

Our Gas Distribution business owns and operates four networks. These supply gas to about 11 million businesses, schools and homes and to all the largest cities in England. We offer these services to people in the following areas: East of England, North London, North West and the West Midlands.

For more information on the services we provide, please watch the video "Getting You Connected (UK Gas)" or alternatively download and read our services guide.

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Important information

Planning Lead times:-

Please find below our current lead times showing the weeks we are planning for in your area:

East Anglia:- 06 January 2014
East Midlands:- 06 January
North London:- 09 December 2013
North West:- 18 November 2013
West Midlands:- 02 December

We always aim to keep delays to a minimum and it can be 6 to 8 weeks before we can start work after you accept our quotation and provide payment. This is due to preparations made to carry out the work and permissions we may need to obtain.  We would like to make you aware that in some cases (e.g. if we have to arrange to close a road) it can take longer. 

Local Authority Permit schemes

We would like to bring to your attention details of a new Permit Scheme that has gone live effective from the 29th April 2013.

The Greater Manchester Road and Permit Scheme has gone live and permit charges may be applicable for any works that fall within streets operated/owned by or on behalf of any of the following Highway Authorities:

Bolton Council, Bury Council, Manchester city Council, Oldham Council, Rochdale Metropolitan Council, Salford city Council, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Tameside, Trafford Council and Wigan Council.

As such, if your requested works falls within the above permit scheme and attracts a permit charge then this will be added to your quotation, the quotation will show the highways authority permit fee separately as (TMA Permit fee) and this will be included in the total cost of your quotation. If VAT is applicable then this will be applied at the appropriate rate to the total cost of the quotation. Any additional permit charges incurred due to customer driven changes to the plan date or work required will also be chargeable. We will not pass on any additional permit costs incurred due to any changes that occur as a result of National Grid actions.

Live chat, email and feedback: - We have launched our new contact us application where you can chat live to one of our agents, send us an email or feedback. This page also contains our contact and address information.

Lane Rental Charges:- When we provide new gas connections, service disconnections or alter some existing services we usually need to excavate the public highway to do this and this is referred to as "street works".  Transport for London (TfL) applies Lane Rental charges to street works in certain traffic-sensitive zones on its road network.  If you're asking us to carry out one of the above jobs on or next to a street operated by TfL then Lane Rental Charges may apply in addition to our normal charges for your job. The Lane Rental charges TfL applies are £800 or £2,500 per day, depending upon the traffic-sensitivity of the affected section of road.  TfL's charges may be avoidable if the works can be kept clear of the road carriageway or cycleway*, or where the works can be completed entirely outside the chargeable hours specified for that zone. More details

VAT changes that may affect your quotation:- Changes to the VAT law mean that when we provide a quotation for work at a building with “Listed” status, we must charge 20% VAT from 01/10/2012 in all instances. More details

Price Changes:- Please be advised the charges to our services have changed effective from 1st December 2012. Additional details of the new charges are now available in document "Gas Distribution Connections Standard Charges from 1st December 2012" available here.

Removal of Customer Self Excavation Option for Domestic Alterations (Meter Moves):- As a result of safety concerns with customers self excavating in the vicinity of live services and the associated contractual implications, National Grid have removed the option for our customers to self excavate and reinstate for all Domestic Alteration work (Meter Moves). This is with effect from 1st December 2012.

Customer Service

Good customer service is a high priority within National Grid and when our customers tell us they are unhappy with any aspect of the service they have received, we do our best to take action to put it right. Please contact us and we will try to resolve your issue.

If you are not happy with the service National Grid has provided and wish to make a complaint, please review our complaint process.


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